Are 20 Inch Folding Bikes for you ?

20 Inch Folding Bikes

Folding bikes are best for people who are looking to save extra time that is spent while using and carrying normal bikes. A folding bike can be easily carried around the town and are ideal for other transports like train, for example if you have to take a train then you can easily fold it and take it on board without any worry. It also saves you from the fear of bicycle thieves as you can easily carry it indoors. And if it starts raining while you are riding on your bicycle, then you can just simply fold it and take it with you in a taxi. Though folding bikes are a bit expensive than non-folding bikes but are definitely worth each penny. It is better if you try one before buying as they can feel a bit more wobbly than the casual full-sized bike.

In this article we have reviewed different 20 inch folding bikes, all bikes are similar yet each one has its own distinct capability, which makes it easier for everyone to decide the best one for them according to their preferences.

Dahon Mu Uno:


Dahon is famous for making incredible folding bikes but among all it’s many other models the Dahon Mu Uno is a winner. The bike weighs light in weight, that is only 9.9kg. It has a comfortable 20-inch wheel which gives a smooth and quick ride. It is a single-speed bike which helps with the weight. The simple and attractive design makes it eye catching. The Dahon Mu Uno only has a front brake lever, there is no brake lever at the back, which means that you brake by pedaling backwards.

Tern Verge X10:


The Tern company has always made bikes which are powerful, efficient and effective, and they have continued to do so in their model Tern Verge X10. This model is very appealing to the eyes because of its beautiful body. Thanks to its 20 inch wheels the bike offers a nippy ride. It weighs 9.7kg and can be quickly folded.. It comes with a rubber strap, so when its folded you can hold the unit in a tight package.

Apollo Tuck:


The Apollo Tuck has wheels of a 20-inch diameter which gives its users a sturdier and faster ride as compared to folding bikes which have smaller wheels. It weighs 14.2kg which is a bit heavier than most 20 inch folding bikes but it comes with mudguards and a kickstand which other bikes don’t usually offer. The one draw back is that its not so convenient for carrying or storing because the bike apparently becomes bigger when folded.


Raleigh Stowaway 7:


Raleigh’s folding bikes have a solid build quality and are not very expensive as compared to other folding bikes, in fact they are light on the pocket. As compared to others the do weigh a bit more, around 15kg. It comes with seven gears and can be easily folded. If you travel short distances or use your bike very occasionally, then this 20-inch wheeler will be a great choice.

Dahon Visc P18:


The Dahon Visc P18 is an eighteen speed folding bike, which is also quite light in weight that is just 11.28kg. The look of the bike is definitely eye catching. It does not fold as quickly as most other folding bikes but is still quite efficient. The 20-inch tyres are thick which gives a secure ride in all weathers.

Tern Link C7:


The Tern company offer bikes which are not affordable for everyone, but the Tern Link C7 is probable the cheapest 20-inch wheeler bike offered by the company. Its low price does not mean that its also low in quality, the bike well-built and is comfortable to ride. Its heavy in weight around 12.4 kg but has got the perfect looks.

Link N8:


The Link N8 is an upgraded version of the the D8. It is quick, beautiful and gives an aggressive performance. The Link N8 has narrower handlebars and a Claris drivetrain which makes the ride nimble and aerodynamic. It also includes responsive trigger shifters, Magnetic 2.0 lock and quick-rolling Schwalbe Kojak tires which have puncture protection. It has 20 inch bomb-proof wheels with Sapim spokes. personal KOMs in urban canyons every morning.

Link B7:

The Link B7 is ideal for people who love to explore places. It is a 20 inch folding bike which quickly folds down 10 seconds. Its not heavy in weight either so its easy to carry everywhere, either on the subway, in your car, you can also store it indoors at night. It has 7-speed gears, eyelets for rear racks, and a height-adjustable telescopic handle-post, along with many other amazing features. Once you ride the Tern Link B7 you’ll definitely fall in love with its functionality and comfort. It also has a magnetic lock and optional fenders for the times it rains.

Verge S8i:

The Verge S8i is designed to be the most versatile ultra-low-maintenance folding bike of the world. It has a ceramic-black matte frame and is built around the Gates belt drive and Shimano’s 8-speed internal-gear Alfine hub. This 20 inch wheeler is a silent super commuter which has no greasy parts or protruding derailleurs, it also offers a range of gears for any type of incline. This bike has Schwalbe Big Apple tires which have extra long wheelbase, because of this it rolls confidently over any type of potholes. It comes with fenders for rain and optional rear rack in case you need to haul any sort of load. It folds in just 10 seconds and can easily fit under a desk. With the Verge S8i you can get everwhere quickly, cleanly and most importantly, in style.

These are some of the best 24 inch folding bikes you will find in the market. We recommend that before purchasing any bike give it a test drive so you know which one is the perfect one for you, in terms of design, comfort and efficiency. 


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Paradigm Soundscape Review: Yay or Nay?

As it seems you have been looking for the paradigm soundscape, but is it worth it? Do you want to read a proper review on it? Then this is the blog post you need! Because we are going to review the paradigm soundscape and let you know if it’s great or simply sucks, so that you can make a responsible and smart purchase, because after all, you should always receive the best value for your money, and on this occasion we will let you know if this product is a Yay! Or a Nay!

The Sound:
One of the main features which makes the paradigm soundscape so popular is its excellent quality of sound. It’s even won awards around the world, because it’s simply exquisite and excellent. If you are looking for a soundbar which holds the best reviews regarding sound, then this is your best pick. This product has unique-of-its-kind technology, which no other soundbar out there possesses. So when you buy the paradigm soundscape, you can feel sure you are buying a product of the highest quality when it comes to sound.

Paradigm-Soundscape-Featured-600x450One of the best things is that it’s perfect for every occasion. Do you want to use it for a party? Then no problem, because it will be a perfect fit. What if you want to use it for watching a movie, then you will enjoy this soundbar, because it has special modes which make it a perfect option for anyone out there who wants to watch their movie and experience the best quality of sound. Because the quality of sound can radically affect your mood and impression of a movie, so you need to get a soundbar which is up to the occasion.

With this fact alone with can say this product is a Yay! But we need to dig deeper, because there are some factors which may affect its overall performance – and it’s our task to find them.

This soundbar, in comparison to other options in the market, is one of the easiest when it comes to set up. You can buy the paradigm soundscape and have it running in no time, because it’s pretty easy to install. That’s another important feature which makes this product a good pick.

One of the things which is not so great about this product is its price. You can buy it for $1499 USD approx. As you can see it’s fairly more expensive than other soundbars available, but you can be sure that this investment you will make will be worth each cent. If you want to get the best quality in sound, then you need to pay for it. Don’t worry, because you will enjoy excellent moments with your new soundbar – that’s for granted.

As we can see this paradigm soundscape is simply great. It’s a tad too expensive but the amount of features it offers totally justifies the price, so it’s worth buying it – you won’t regret your decision!

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